Global Partnership in
Addressing Current Challenges

Zero Transmission. Zero Disability. Zero Discrimination.



English will be the official language throughout the duration of the congress.




Plenaries will take about 3.5-4.0 hours each day. These will be scheduled in the mornings of days 1 & 2; and in the afternoon of day 3.




There will be 10-12 break-out rooms. There will be 3 successive sessions per room at 60-90 minutes per session. Limit per presentation is 10 minutes (maximum of 15 slides) plus 5 minutes discussion. Strict time-keeping by session chairs is encouraged to allow presentation of all accepted papers in a timely manner.




  1. All sessions and workshops will be conducted in accordance with guidelines set by congress organizers.
  2. All workshop presenters are required to submit abstracts which shall be reviewed by the ILC Abstract Review Panel and Scientific Committee. This will qualify accepted papers to be included in the Book of Abstracts.
  3. Workshops will be driven by topic not by groups. These sessions shall be open to any congress delegate who might be interested about the topic. A minimum of  five (5) presenters are required per session.
  4. The Scientific Organizing Committee will decide which papers will be presented per session or workshop, thus the need for online abstract submission to centralize quality control. However, for related workshop topics accepted for oral presentation, workshop organizer can request for specific papers to be scheduled in a particular session.
  5. Due to pressure of time, workshops will be conducted in accordance with time guidelines set by congress organizers
  6. Private meetings have to be arranged outside the congress venue and outside normal conference hours; and will be outside the responsibility of the ILC Organizing Committee.



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